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Help with organic lawn care

11 years ago

Hello there-

We have been using an organic lawn care program for the last 3 years. We have seen decent results, and from a peace of mind aspect, we are very happy (pets, kids, environment), but feel like we need help with two big issues.

We continue to see a fair amount of crab grass. I know that someone had said to me awhile back that if you are going to try to control crab grass, it needs to be before the forsythia blooms. I think I have about 1 to 2 weeks.

We compost and put a fresh batch on the lawn last fall. It was a tough winter for us (lots of snow), but the grass is beginning to be green. There are a lot of bare spots in the back yard lawn, and the front is pretty full, with some bare spots, likely due to some grubs.

WE had a soil test. Not sure what results you would like but this is them:

soil ph 7.1

buffer ph 7.0

nitrogen = 16

organic matter: 9.9%

phosphorus 23

potassium 162

calcium 2493

magnesium 389

lots of other numbers, let me know if you need those.

We try to water once a week in the summer, but haven't watered at all yet, and won't for awhile.

We need to seed again (we also laid seed in fall). We have mixture of KBG and tall fescue.

We need help with the following two items:

We have grubs in the front. We tried Milky spore for 2 years, and still have noticable patches. Should be try the nematodes?

We have a lot of crabgrass in the back (and also in the vegetable garden). Is there anyting I should do to try to prevent the seeds? Corn Gluten?

I have been using the "Organica" line of fertilizer for the last 3 years.

Any advice would be wonderful!!!

Thank you in advance.

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