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ZZ Plant Fertilizing Question

8 years ago

I bought a ZZ plant in September from a reputable garden store here. When I bought it, I was told that it was a slow growing plant. Since, I have had two "branches" with leaves join the ZZ party and two more have appeared as well, but are moving slightly slower. I have learned that it is growing in coconut fiber and I have my plant on my desk at work and it's about 4-5 feet from a south facing window that has a partial blind.

I am thinking that my ZZ might be needing some fertilizer since it's been so active lately, and appears to be in an inorganic medium. Should I fertilize and, if so, with what?? I can send pictures if need be.

P.S. I did have one leaf that was sticking out of the fiber turn yellow and I promptly removed it. Nothing has gone yellow since, an I hadn't watered in 3-4 weeks.

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