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ZZ plant question

16 years ago

I just recently took over growing a ZZ plant for a friend. The main stalk is about 15". It has two other secondary stalks that are a bit shorter and one tiny one that has just popped up. A number of the leaves have started to turn yellow and even a little brown around the edges of a couple. The plant had been in a 6" pot and just tonight I seperated the two smaller stalks and put them in a seperate 8" pot and the larger stalk into an 8" pot. Then I started reading some of the other threads on this website. I definitely realize that I have been overwatering the plant and know that I need to cut way back on how much I was watering it. But I'm also starting to wonder about the potting soil I used. I used Miracle Gro Moisture Control potting soil. It has perlite in it and seems to be a mix of other sorts. It sounds like I should be using a very porous soil - I'm not sure if I've done that. Can anyone offer any thoughts? Do you need more information from me? I'm very new at this whole thing so anything is appreciated...

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