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Golden Pothos is dying all of a sudden!

8 years ago

So, my mom and I have this golden pothos that's about 30 years old and it's been doing really well. But I brought it in recently since it's been getting super cold outside like I've done every year and it's done really well. But after I brought it in this year, it started dying. Like the vines are turning yellow and the leaves are turning brown and shriveling up. I've been watering it like I normally do, once a week. Do I need to water it more or am I giving it too much water? I also thought maybe it's just the environment in my house, it's usually like 72 degrees inside. But like I said, it's always been like that in my house when I've brought it in so I'm kinda clueless as to why it's dying all of a sudden :c Help?

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