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Successful show and mini tea cup feeders

13 years ago

On a high from my show this past weekend and had to post a few pictures. I especially wanted to show Kirk the mini tea cup feeders I made for my fairy gardens since I believe he is the one who posted the idea asking for suggestions for stakes. I used a 3" roofing nail and E6000 glue - it worked great and they were a huge hit. I placed them in my largest fairy gardens and then offered the rest for sale. They literally FLEW off the table. Everyone loved them - thanks for the idea!! I even did the teapots also and they sold as well. I could have sold many many more. Anyway, it was super hot and humid and a little shower on Sat. but still had an awesome show. I ended up making $2001 - that is my all-time high for any show and I've been doing shows forever. Unfortunately the tea cups are a little washed out in all my pictures, but you get the idea. Too tired to resize anymore pictures, so I'll post my flickr photo album link if you'd like to view more photos. Had to post one of my busy booth with people standing in line to pay - oh it was heaven!!





Here is a link that might be useful: more pictures from my show

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