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Show Me Your Anti-Squirrel Bird Feeder Set-Up

10 years ago

I know this is a subject that is discussed again and again. And I'm sorry if you're sick of it. I don't dislike squirrels, but they plow through 5 lbs. of expensive seed in 2 days, while the poor birds sit and watch. They jump off of trees and fences onto my feeders, and one even bit my dog! Initially, I refrained from putting my feeders in the middle of my yard, so that the birds wouldn't be open to winged predators; but I'm thinking that the hawks, etc. are less of a threat than no food supply due to greedy squirrels! I also didn't want all that seed germinating in my yard. Now, I'm thinking that a tall Shepherd's hook with a baffle is my only hope, even tho the baffle doesn't seem to work unless I coat it with oil. I bought a bunch of really cute bird feeders, but took them all down out of frustration last year. Any other tips? Does anyone have any success at all in keeping the squirrels away?

Another option I was considering is hanging the feeders in front of windows under the eaves of my house, but I imagine the squirrels will crawl down onto them from the roof.

Also, if anyone has a rec on where to buy a really tall S hook (with several hooks), I'd appreciate it.

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