Ground cherries never ripen?

sunnibel7 Md 7
8 years ago

I'm reviewing the garden this year (even better than last year despite some major players having weather-related failure!) and I'm coming up with some questions. Maybe you can help me figure things out and I can refine my plans for next year.

So my first question is about ground cherries. I have been growing them for 3-4 years and it always seems to be the same. They grow, they look great, they fruit, the fruit drops, everything looks papery and brown on the outside but 80-90% of the fruit are still green (and I can't tell until I've opened the husk). Is this normal? So then I put them in a bag or basket to wait for them to ripen. But they never do. They may turn yellowish, but never sweeten, and most of them just stay greenish and dessicate slowly. I really enjoy the ripe ones, but they seem to be so few. So, any ideas?

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