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Legalization of cannbis plant (Prop 19) in California

Kevin Reilly
13 years ago

This is one of the most popular plants in California and the country. Yet it is illegal to grow it here.

Please Consider Voting "Yes" on Proposition 19

There are many reasons to vote for the legalization of cannabis:

- People are smoking a plant. So long as they are not infringing on the rights of others there is no reason for governments to ban this activity.

- Criminalizing cannabis has allowed a large black market to develop. This means governments at all levels do not collect taxes that legitimate business and consumers have to pay on regulated products.

- Criminalizing cannabis denies legitimate businesses from growing and distributing it. This leaves the markets in control of organized crime, like gangs and drug cartels.

- Criminalizing cannabis has put a large burden on law enforcement, the prison system, and the judicial system. All of these facilities of the government have limited resources that should be allocated for dealing with violent criminals, not marijuana smokers.

California sets trends for the rest of the country.

California was the first state to enact a medical marijuana law. 13 states and Washington D.C. have followed.

Go vote Tuesday, November 2nd.

To find your polling station, Google: Where do I vote

To put a human face to the problem I think this Swat video/Prop 19 ad sums up so much.

Here is a link that might be useful: Swat Raid

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