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Question for those who've done old window art

16 years ago

I have a question for those that have added things like glass half marbles/globs and/or mosiacs to old windows. Do you do anything to the old window, like clean it up, remove the old 'caulking' that helps keep the panes in or do you just add the silicone caulk along the edges in the gaps/cracks? I'm hoping/planning to add the glass 'globs' and maybe some stained glass pieces to an old window and then hang it up to display it like I've seen done quite a bit from ya'll around here. I love the look of the old windows, but am leary of anything, like say, a windowpane falling out and/or anything else less desirable. I do already have one 3 paned window from my old/former house that I took apart, as it barely had any of the old caulk left. I don't want to paint it to look 'new'... but the paint on it was horrid, plus some small rot spots I needed to remove. I don't know if its wise to just use caulk or should I get the 'points' to help hold in the panes? I'm not sure yet where I'll put my new 'old' windows, it can get quite windy where I live, and I don't know if I want to risk them out on our huge open (roofed) deck, where I'd hang them from. Then again, between the bird feeders and chimes and whirly things I don't have 'room' nor want to remove those other things! LOL

I'd like to also say THANKS to all of you who share your pics and ideas, help etc around here... much to my boyfriend's chagrin, I'm looking forward to adding plenty of 'yard art' to our new home on 10 acres (mostly 'swamp/marsh' though...but still plenty to add my 'art' to...while also creating LOTS of desired plants) I'm glad to find ways to use all the old 'junque' that I hauled over from my former home, in spite of all the crabbing and griping I've had to put up with from Frank, the NON-artistic bf. Poor guy! not cause he has to put up with my 'creativeness'...but because he is dead set on having no 'creative side' therefore feels the need to pick on me for mine. I'm sure once he starts seeing some of the stuff in for sure I've shown him (and plenty of others!) some of the amazing stuff ya'll come up with! He just needs to 'relax' and realize how FUN this stuff is, and how 'recycling' can be/IS more than just putting things in the bin and taking it down to the road for pick up on every other Friday!!!

Thanks in Advance! and thanks again for sharing all your creativity!


K.C. Redcat

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