Transition from Arts & Crafts to Art Deco?

10 years ago

Does anyone have good links to art deco or deco-transitional interiors? We're trying to design a kitchen that is what I think of as northern or European art deco (as opposed to, say, Miami art deco), but we're also complete suckers for stained wood and Arts & Crafts style, so what we have in mind--but have not yet been able to fully visualize--is something that looks like it was made during the transition from Arts & Crafts/Charles Rennie Macintosh to Deco. Our house is from the thirties and has two original Deco bathrooms already, complete with crazy tile, so a kitchen like this would really suit it. The ground floor is all hardwood, some sort of golden oak. There's going to be a full-on Machine Age Deco powder room off the kitchen.

If anyone has inspiration pics that would fit this description--and this includes pics of rooms that are not kitchens; it's the style that's key--I would welcome them with open arms!

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