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Unhappy Norfolk Island Pine

9 years ago

Our new house came with a very large (11') Norfolk Island Pine. It is positioned where it has been for a decade. Help me not kill it on my watch!

I have no experience with this species, and it is my suspicion it is not entirely happy. It drops 6-8" branchlets every few days; the branches (except for the top pair) seem very droopy; some of the deep interior branchlets next to the trunk are brownish rather than green.

It is positioned alongside, but not directly in front of, a wall of very tall southwest-facing windows. When we arrived, the tree had a small watering globe in it, and we found a half-gallon jug under the sink marked "for watering plants". The soil in the pot seems very dense and compacted, and is built up higher along the sides of the pot than in the center where the trunks emerge.

I welcome any advice on how to care for this tree! It feels like such an honor to have it here, and I want to do my best by it. Please explain to me as if I know absolutely nothing more than how to turn on a tap, because I don't.

Below is a link to a photo of the tree in question. Thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Norfolk Island Pine

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