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Help with Norfolk Island Pine (small one)

Donna R zone 6a
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I posted this question on the houseplant forum, but have not received any answers, so I thought I would try here.

This houseplant is only about 8" tall. My son gave it to me and it was in it's original pot for about 5 years. I learned to take care of it by only watering it a few times a week when the soil was really dry. It would put on new growth and looked pretty happy. I might add that it has grown very little over those 5 years.

I repotted this plant about 2 months ago and the tips of the branches are turning brown and are getting to be a pale funny color. I repotted it by pulling it intact in the soil out of the pot and putting it in a larger one and surrounding it with Miracle Gro soil. It is so unhappy, that I am worrying that it may die. I removed it from this pot and shook the Miracle Grow away (it had not put out new roots into the new soil) and mixed the Miracle Gro soil with some palm potting medium. I thought that maybe the soil was not loose enough and not draining.

Now I am unsure if it is too wet, too dry , or if it is something else like needing to be fertilized. Help! I don't know what this plant wants to be happy.

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