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Aloe Vera plant gone bad?

Naveed Iqbal
9 years ago

I have recently gotten into Aloe Vera plants. I am attaching a photo of two aloe vera plants. In the photo, the one on the right side I got about a couple of months ago and I can't remember exactly but I am sure it was a much brighter green color. But I started noticing it kept going duller and duller to the point that the leaves are now dark green. The one on the left is a new one I got about a couple of weeks ago for comparing the two in the present environment.

I water the plants once a week. Perhaps I could also get insight on how to water aloe vera properly. Currently I water with about 250ml tap water around the night time.

I was sure something was wrong with the older plant until today when I cut a leaf and turns out the gel is yellow in color as well as a foul odor like that of chicken poop.

Has my old aloe vera plant gone bad?

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