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update on my DH

16 years ago

Fred had a couple of really bad nights (and days) with the back pain and not being able to sleep and no better today. I asked him yesterday evening if he thought he should go back to Heart Hospital (their emergency room) and get checked. Its been a week exactly, and seems like he shouldn't still have this much pain. He actually was considering it . Then he changed his mind, saying he'd wait and see how he was today. (Men!)

Well he had a worse night and by early afternoon he finally decided to call down the Heart Hospital and see what they thought of him coming in to Emergency or waiting till tomorrow when Dr D. would be there to see him. When he described the pain, they wanted him right in immediately as they were concerned about internal bleeding. That hadn't even occurred to any of us, and actually I thought maybe something with his kidney since the aneurysm was practically resting on it.

So after spending 5 hrs there and getting ultrasound and blood tests and all, mostly GOOD news!

The surgery site is fine, the stint is fine, no bleeding. No kidney problems. However he does have an infection in that general area which is causing all the back pain and discomfort. They had a long fancy name for it but it's a "guy thing" . And nothing whatsoever to do with his surgery. Whew. So he got IV pain meds, antibiotics, and got to come home. Yay. His mood is great cause of that, LOL. They want him to see our family doc, and also get in to see a Urologist IMMEDIATELY! Tomorrow Fred will try to make appts with both. I'm sure our doc will work him in fine, hope the specialist can too.

I am greatly relieved to know there's no problems resulting from the heart surgery. Plus a wee bit exhausted mentally and physically from the last week. He's had me pretty worried.

I told my DDIL, who lives a few blocks away, if she saw this crazy woman running down the middle of the street waving her arms and just wave as I went by.
bless her heart, she said she'd just run out and join me and keep me company. I love that girl.

hugs, Karen

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