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Should I let my small trees fruit??

12 years ago

I planted 4 new trees in my little orchard (very little) last fall, 2 Redhaven Peaches and 2 Golden Spice Pears.

They are all about 6-7 feet tall and doing really well. So well, in fact that they all blossomed like crazy and have set an extraordinary amount of fruit. Well, to me it seems extraordinary:) They both have "self-thinned" or whatever it's called when only a few in a bunch of tiny pears/peaches continue on to set and the other little sprouts die off and fall to the ground.

I am not sure if I should leave the fruit alone or take some off as the trees are not ready to ripen that amount of fruit. I am worried about branches breaking off.

Another odd note; the peach trees, one in particular, have set many (like over half) peaches that look like two peaches in one. The little fuzzy things look like they tried to split into two and didn't make it.

Any thoughts for me?? I am worried I will need to stake them up if I let so many fruits continue growing.

Thanks everyone,


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