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Has anyone has problems with animal rescue groups?

11 years ago

Hi there,

My dh finally relented and agreed that we could have a small dog who likes our cats. So first I looked at the local shelters (on line)and they have almost no dogs and no small ones that are fond of kitties. Then I searched Petsaver and other animal searches that also list small rescue groups that send pets to New England from areas where there are too many, saving them from big kill shelters.

I wasn't originally thinking of a puppy, but I came across one who is a good mix for staying small and for liking kitties (and is adorable of course). I've never had a puppy, and I thought I'm 55 yo, if I ever get one now is the time. So I sent an email inquiry, and received a lot of encouragement and a suggestion that I book (ie pay for) a seat on the transport for the puppy for delivery on March 25. I was already to do it when I remembered that my friend Karen hadn't gotten the dog she originally wanted, and I thought it strange that they suggested that I pay a transport fee when I hadn't filled out an application or paid the adoption fee. So I reiterated that I wanted him and said I'd fill out app, which I did. I emailed to make sure she got it and she answered that she had. I was going to visit relatives for 2 days so I sent an email saying that and giving references so the application could be moved along even if I wasn't able to be contacted for 2 days. Nothing. No answer. Dog is still on web site, no "pending" sign or anything.

I'm wondering if I had paid the non refundable transport fee ($125!) I would have been told that the cute puppy was not available and to choose another dog. Has anyone heard anything like this?



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