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Why did my pears bloom so far apart? (Chosen for pollination)

13 years ago


3 years ago I planted two pear trees: a Bartlett and a Kieffer (both semi-dwarf.) The first year, they were already in bloom when planted. The second year, the Bartlett bloomed but the Kieffer did not (no pears.) This spring, the Kieffer bloomed very early (before crabapples!) and now it's bloom is just about done but the Bartlett shows NO sign yet of imminent bloom. I'm wondering if its even going to bloom at all (though I suspect it will since I brought some of its branches indoors in late February when I pruned it and got blossoms from those when I "forced" them.)

Does anyone have any ideas for me? I chose and planted these two because they were supposed to be good pollinators for each other. They are planted about 100' apart.

I'll be kind of bummed if I don't get at least a handful of pears this year, the third year planted! They were second or maybe even third year trees to start with.

Thanks for any help figuring this out!

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