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Help! Why didn't my fruit trees bloom this year???

Stacey Collins
12 years ago

Well I am thoroughly mystified and hoping someone can help shed some light on this.

I have 5 fruit trees planted 3 years ago: 3 apples and 2 pears. Last year, I got great blooms from all but one pear (a cheapo plant I bought to be the pollinator for my "good" pear.) I let the most mature apple tree make me about 8 apples last year.

This spring, the only thing that flowered was the cheapo pear.... about 3 weeks ago. I have been waiting and watching and the other 4 trees have NO sign of flower buds and are pretty well leafed out. Last year they all bloomed with my crabapples; the crabapples are past bloom now but still no flowers on the fruit trees.

What happened?????


-In February/march when I pruned, I brought some pruned branches inside to force and THOSE bloomed for me.

-I sprayed with Bonide (organic) dormant oil before bud break in early April.

-We have had a cool/rainy spring.

-I sprayed with organic copper fungicide before 1/2" green, and with sulfur after that. Just 3x so far.

-Varieties are:

Bartlett pear (was already 2-3 yrs old when planted spring '09; flowered well '09, '10, no fruit.)

Honeycrisp Apple (was already 2-3 yrs old when planted spring '09, flowered well '09, '10, a few apples last year.)

2x Liberty Apple (planted as 1 yr olds spring '09. Flowers, no fruit '10.)

Kieffer Pear- cheapo from Home Depot, bought as pollinator for Bartlett. Did NOT flower last year, but flowered well this year. The only one that flowered. I cannot remember if I sprayed that one with dormant oil or not.

Is it possible that the dormant oil spray made them not flower? Can anyone think why else this might have happened?

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