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Thinning Blueberry Blooms/increasing yield

10 years ago

I was talking to my friend and blueberry farmer the other day about the density of blooms on a plant. He told me that this year he is having his pruners take off a large number of the blooms on his farm to increase overall yield. He told me that during his recent trip to the research center in Oregon that the highest yielding plants look quite "spindly" because they are pruned so hard.......these plants produce 10 ton to the acre by the way. Research is showing that pruning hard actually increases yield. He showed me on his plants that anywhere a branch has a large number of fruiting berries that aren't supported by a good number of leaves that they are pruned off. Flowers low on the plant are removed, branches that split into multiple branches with flowers have one or more of the branches removed. Also branches that are comprised of mostly bloom with few leaves are clipped off. I watched him do this to his plants which are each about 6 feet tall, he just started cutting away limbs loaded with was hard to watch! lol I came home and did some of the same to my plants to see if it helps yield this year. Anyway, thought I would share the idea with you guys.



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