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OK, Who waters in sips or copiously? Why? What kind of water?

9 years ago

We all have different watering techniques and I was wondering who of us waters in sips as compared to those who water in until it runs from the bottom?

Why do you water in sips?

Why do you water in gulps, copiously?

When you do, what's your prceedure? What kind of instrument do you use? Do you water with rain water, tap, well, fresh, store bought, or facuet?

Do you see any downside to any of the watering techiques and or positive ones?

As we all know, watering our plants properly in one of the most important things we can do for the best growth on our plants. Please share your view and habits.
Let's se if we can help each other to water in a way that is best for our plants:-)

How do you gauge your moisture in your pots and when you you know it's time to water.


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