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Let's talk about the predicted freeze!!!

15 years ago

I can't believe it's happening again! Everyone surely remembers the awful spring freeze last year that destroyed fruit and flowers from Georgia north. Apple farmers around Hendersonville, NC were devastated financially and had to import all their fruit from Florida for the local apple festival. Now it might happen again.

Our area is forecast for 31F tonight and Tuesday, and since we live up high it may be slightly colder here. My Balaton pie cherry is in full bloom (just like last year) and I'm hoping for the first real crop (just like last year). I also have some other fruit trees in bloom, but they're so young they shouldn't be allowed to fruit anyway. In the previous freeze I tried wrapping the whole tree in black plastic, with Christmas lights and a regular light bulb underneath. Only about 10 cherries eventually ripened, plus the highest branch tips were killed back. Can someone please offer us all some advice on how to protect a small flowering fruit tree? Will two nights of 29-31 degree cold kill all the blooms? I can't remember how cold it got last year. The forecast also calls for intermittent rain/snow, with no accumulation expected.

I'm sure there's lots of folks out there wringing their hands right now, not to mention the poor apple farmers!


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