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Cucumbers Wilting?

12 years ago

Hi - I put up a small greenhouse this winter (26'x48') and built raised beds for all my plants (i.e. good soil / compost). Things seemed to be going great until yesterday when I noticed a couple of my cucumber plants (heirloom Boston Pickling, Hybrid Masada) starting to wilt, then today a couple more. I pulled all affected plants. It does not appear to be bacterial wilt / cucumber beetle since I have seen no beetles and it does not exhibit the sticky, oozy fluid when the stems are cut (it is clear and watery). I do not heat the greenhouse and we recently had some lower temps down to about 43 degrees but I keep it cooled to approx 80-85 degrees during the day. I have seen a few "stink bugs" and not sure if they could destroy plants so quickly. The roots were clean and not rotting (i.e. not over watered). Not sure we can post pictures but I do have it possible. Thanks in advance.


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