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Basic planting & Care instructions for blueberries

16 years ago

I am planning to purchase some plants soon. They will be from about 4 or 5 varieties (have not decided which ones yet) and they will be either in 1 gallon or 3 gallon containers. (just for fun...the cost is $8 vs $14, I'd love to hear thoughts on the size factor when starting out).

The lady I'm getting these from is local and has a U pick farm. She has about 400 plants available for sale....(I'm thinking of getting about 10 or so and depending on the spacing requirements, I'll possibly get more).

I also think I will attempt some type of raised bed planter to put them an effort to best control weed growth in an area that has been pretty weedy in the past. I have meanwhile put down a lasagne style covering in this area and will be able to keep adding to it with horse pooh and leaves, etc.

Finally, is there a better time to get these plants in the ground? the lady says that both sized planting containers (1 gallon vs 3) will produce berries this year. I am not 100% sure of how old the plants are....I guess from that comment they must have a few years of growth?

Any suggestions, tips, thoughts etc would be greatly appreciated.

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