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Blueberry Bush Care in Michigan

11 years ago

Hello, I posted this in another forum last night but have not received any responses yet so I figured i'd post it here too.

I just bought 2 blueberry bushes, one Blueray and one pink lemonade one. I have 2 questions.

I am planting them in 4 gallon pots, it says the plants can be planted outside in March in my zone, so would it be safe to plant them and immediately move the pots outside even though its currently snowing or should I wait until it warms up a bit before I move them outside? If its safe to move them outside do I have to harden them off like you do when moving regular houseplants outside in the spring? Its supposed to be in the upper 30's next week.

Both plants have leaves on them but the instructions say to cut the branches back to half length before planting. If I do that all the current leaves will be cut off, should I really trim it back that far or should I leave it so that it keeps its currently open leaves?

Thanks for the help!

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