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Ducks and Goslings. Questions

16 years ago

Have 2 goslings and 6 ducks, male and female evenly split. They are 16 days old! I live in E. Texas where the climate is 70s and 80s at night and 90+ during the day. Guess I should have just said HOT.

My plan is when they are 4 weeks, to put them out by the pond with shelter and nesting boxes. Their shelter will be surrounded but a fenceing that is 10 to 12 inches burried in the ground and 4 to 5 feet above ground. I want to have the fencing lead the fowl out to the pond only. They can go where they want, they'll just have to go around the fence by getting into the pond first. I figure I will keep them closed from the pond and keep them in the shelter at night for about a week or so, so they can learn where their new home is, and then open the fencing to the pond and not put them up at night hoping the'll use the shelter anyway.

These are pets. We do not intend to eat them, but won't mind an egg or two if they lay in the shelter.

My questions are: Is 4 weeks too young for them to be on their own (5 weeks if you count the fifth week of keeping them out of the the pond and in the shelter at night)? The geese are as big as our 2 month old rooster!

Does having the fencing leading into the pond help them be more protected against predators or not?

I bought the duck and goslings as pairs/couple, should I have more geese than the male and female? I hear if you lose one it can be very hard on the other. Would the same be true for the duck pairs (3 pairs of 3 differnt breeds)?

Would having guinea fowl mixed in with them add a layer of protection? I hear having guineas with chickens can be helpful.

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