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good and bad design books

17 years ago

To start with I don't have formatl design training, so my opinion may not be worth much. BUT... I have read a lot and have studied the subject on my own.

Just read two Garden design books.

#1 "The Abundant Garden"

Fabulous. I have not read it all yet, but the pictures show some of the best gardens I have seen in print. Writting is excellent and I will read the whole thing.

#2 "The Garden ....."

Worst book I have ever read on the subject. Pictures of poor design. Comments of little value.

Some gems of advice include "Layers of garden design are like finding art within art, without end" and "if it is good in another garden it will be good in your garden"

I wanted to tell people about the first book - could not resist a comment on the second.

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