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Mueshin on good and bad design courtesy Robert Genn

17 years ago

IB has mentioned Bob Genn's newsletter before, you should check it out. The latest talks about design as it applies to artists but may equally apply to lanscape design. "With a little study and a quiet thought, he (anyone) would be able to distinguish good design from bad. and offers this new spin on the principles.
Continuum. Continuity from one element to another.
Harmony. Shapes echo and complement one another.
Functionality. How does it work? Form follows function.
Elegance. Curves attract, amuse, enthrall, seduce.
Implication. Elements are suggestive or metaphoric.
Concentricity. Elements circulate, extend and focus.
Control. The viewer's eye does what you want it to do.
Strength. Forms are solid, committed, authoritative.
Personality. Your design motifs can be yours alone.
Get the full text at Thank you Robert

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