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The Name of this Forum should change..

16 years ago

Ok so I'm not meaning to stir anything up and I know this has been said before..

The name of this forum should change because this isn't farm life (unless of course 85% of the people are chicken farmers).

I used to read this forum regularly going back about 3 to 5 years ago and it was great. Broad range of topics about "Farm Life".

Now 85% of all topics are chicken related... So why is this still "Farm Life".

While I TOTALLY agree that chickens are in fact part of a farm or farm life. They aren't the only part... and this forum seems to be limited too just chickens.

I realize that if "I" or anyone wishes to post something NOT related to chickens that is fine and well and we can do so but you simply don't get the responses because it just seems that most of the "farm life" folks that don't have chickens have migrated somewhere???

Who knows! It just sort of gets my gizard to check this forum the 1 or 2 times a week that I do now (which is significantly less than I used to) and see 10000 topics on chickens.

So I vote we change the name of this to the Chicken or Poultry forum...

Off the soapbox now!

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  • mokevinb
    16 years ago

    Good point, but I think that since this is in a "Gardening" website the crowd that is getting attracted here are the small tract farmer, folks with just a few acres who are trying their hand at farming. For most of them having a flock of chickens, ducks or turkeys is about all they can really have. What surprises me is that there are very few postings on here about some of the other animals that are so popular on small tracts. Where are the questions about rabbits, goats or pigs? These animals are all good for people wanting to expand from just having a garden and orchard, and some are even compatible with large lots in suburban areas that allow them. (Maybe not pigs and goats, but definitely the rabbits and poultry.)

  • sullicorbitt
    16 years ago

    You are not the first to bring this point up, lots of people have left this forum over the years for this very reason. I'm sure others can recommend places to check out for more farm related conversations. Sorry for your frustration. I think Mokevinb's explanation makes a lot of sense.

    I am not a farmer, just a (farming wannabe) hobbyist, but this forum has been an incredible source of information for me over the past two years.


    Here is a link that might be useful: homesteading

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  • swvirginia
    16 years ago

    Sorry to hear that you are disappointed in this forum.

    I wish that it was more active too. Sorry to say, but I am also interested in chickens.

    I came up with this other site for you. It looks interesting!

  • more_to_grow
    16 years ago

    Interesting. I have noticed over the last several years that there does seem to have been a change in the type of poster, there seem to be allot more homesteader/hobbyist type questions. Could this be a reflection of an increase in homesteading/hobby farming interest? I personally have noticed in my area a great increase in this type of activity and can think of at least 30 properties that I pass daily which have engaged in this type of activity in the last 2-3 years.

    I surveyed the most recent (4) pages of posts (120) in total and took an average of the posts with some chicken reference in the topic title ie. chicken, hen, chick, cock and etc... and found an average of 50% chicken related titles.

    I then surveyed the oldest (120) topic titles using the same determination criteria and found 31% chicken related topic titles.

    One interesting thing to note is that the most recent 120 topics were dated in the last three months (winter/early spring) and the oldest 120 were nearly all dated June of '05. Spring interest in Chickens could account for the difference?

    My vote is that although there may in fact be enough poultry interest to warrant the addition of such a forum, Farm Life should stay farm life if for no other reason than the 20-50% of non poultry related *farm* topics.

  • patrick_nh
    16 years ago

    Well rox, like many things in life, you get out of it what you put in. I've been on GW for a few years, this forum for maybe 6 months or so. I'm happy to discuss many farm related subjects, but I don't recall seeing your user name pop up very often.

    So let's discuss. Start a post if you like. Among other things, I love to talk about livestock breeds, all species, rare breeds and ALBC, oxen, bees, wildlife on the farm, exhibiting, especially the "P" word, but also others, rabbits, the rise in grain prices due to ethanol and biodiesel production, the lack of processing facilities in the northeast which severely limits small farm meat production, as well as how lucky others have it in areas where they don't have that problem, camelids, other 'exotic' domestics such as yak and water buffalo, deer farming, government regulation and NAIS.........

    Is that enough non-chicken farm subjects to get you started?

  • rox5488
    Original Author
    16 years ago

    Patrick. Please don't take it the wrong way. I don't mean to say I don't find some topics on this board interesting. It just seems like the hens have taken over at times.

    I think it would be a super idea to have a poultry forum as there is surely enough interest in it to keep it moving as witnessed here.

    I am merely stating that 3 - 5 years ago. I would read this forum and desire to read each post (even some chicken ones!) but now that the majority has seemed to shift I do not find it quite as interesting to read post after post about chickens.

    I agree you get out what you put in and I am an active member in MANY online forums from Burning Corn ( to International harvestor Tractors. ( to forums related to my work. and have collected well over 3000 posts in about 5 years on those sites now. much less here of course. But I am a regular reader.

    My only point is that it was really nice to read a variety of topics but now it seems like its somewhat limited.

    Once again to anyone reading this... I have no problem with you or your way of life or that you raise chickens. I think it is really great that you do. I only wish I could read more variety. (yes I know the answer, go somewhere else, but I'm not trying to be rude!)

    Like I mentioned possibly a seperate topic for poultry is a really good idea. but then again based on the fact that if you take poultry out of this forum possibly this one dies all together.

    I grew up on a farm and I live on my own farm now and I love every minute of it and find a great camaraderie between farmers. So its fun to share stories and ask help if needed etc.

    I don't know! I really just hope everyone has a good weekend honestly!

  • patrick_nh
    16 years ago

    It was very clear in your first post what you meant. I don't see anyone who's been insulted, taken it the wrong way, or who has even disaggreed with you. We get that you don't mind chickens, but would prefer more variety here.

    I've addressed your concerns, and given you multiple non-chicken farm related topics to discuss. Now do you want to do something and talk about any farm related subject except chickens, or do you just want to continue to complain about how no one talks about anything else here?

  • rox5488
    Original Author
    16 years ago


    Thank you for the link above as I will check it out!

  • rox5488
    Original Author
    16 years ago


    I didn't see my post as much of a complaint as a disappointment that some of the things I loved about reading here are not as prevalent as they used to be. Let me sincerely apologize though for "complaining"

    As far as discussing anything other than chickens with you... I believe I will kindly pass on that as well due to the tone of your posts. We are entitled to our opinions. thank you for sharing yours. Possibly my view of you complaining about my complaining has tainted the ability to have a conversation and I certainly wouldn't want it to go any further down the lane of sour grapes by my doing.

    As far as I am concerned noone needs to take time to post to this topic again! I shall be gone like the wind that carried me here and inspired me to post in the first place. I will quietly go back to just reading along when time allows. thanks.

  • lucky_p
    16 years ago

    I understand your disappointment. There were a number of folks who departed for a forum dedicated to actual working farm topics as the pet chickens and pet goats(and don't get me wrong - I love goats!) took over the Farm Life forum. There were(I don't know if these persons are still here) a couple of very obnoxious horse persons who felt like they 'knew it all'(and, believe me, they didn't!) who were instrumental in pushing a number of us into leaving just to be free of their overbearing, combative nature and verbal attacks.

    As a veterinarian, I usually tried to limit my responses to heading off potentially dangerous practices or correcting medical treatment misinformation put forward by some forum participants. I still check in here from time to time, but rarely have any reason to even read most of the threads, much less respond.

  • Roberta_z5
    16 years ago

    Well, it seems to me that if the forum has changed it is because the posters have changed. If you want this to be a farm forum, why don't you ask questions relating to what you want the forum to be? I happen to have a small farm and am raising chickens. That is interesting to me. If you have a interest, let's hear it.

    A forum is only as good as the posters who ask and answer questions.

  • johanna_h
    16 years ago

    It may be that there should be a spin-off forum about chickens, for those of us who would like to have that focus.

    I've been on this place for quite a while, and it certainly has changed over the years. I miss the journals that people would follow about what was going on at their farms. There were a few people who were religious about posting their entries and it was really fun to follow that.

    It seems that the people who are active here want to talk about chickens and goats more than about their equipment or harvests. Things change. I think the best advice is that things can change again. If you would like to see other things discussed, post a message and see what others say.


  • Maggie_J
    16 years ago

    We applied to have a separate poultry forum back before the "great exodus" and received no reply and no separate forum, whereupon people began to go elsewhere: the Homesteading Today forums where they do have separate boards for different topics and/or The Working Farm which separates poultry from other livestock. Since the people who left were primarily those who were tired of "too many chicken posts", the people who stayed are mainly people who like talking about poultry.

    I joined the other two forums to keep up with old friends and make new ones and to get a wider range of advice than is now available here. But I pop in here too about five days out of seven. I don't start threads too often because I do not have as many questions as I did when I joined four years ago.

  • lfrj
    16 years ago

    We too are hobby farmers and beginners at that. I believe that part of what this forum is feeling is that fewer and fewer of the Âreal farmers actually exist. Agri-business in a variety of models abound, but for the rest of us, no matter how much we would LOVE to reduce our office hours and shift our time toward homesteading, the high price of property, fencing, etc doesnÂt allowÂhence the hobby farmer.

    My parents were of the Âreal farmer type. While it was long before my birth, IÂve always been proud of the fact my father once plowed his fields with a team of horses. The days, when a community was made up of small 20-40 acre parcels or so are gone, and along with it skills that would have been used in trade. Now you have to call the vet  and the nickel keeps getting thinner.

    I actually enjoy reading about other animals that would be good additions, and I do occasionally see some goat and rabbit queries now and then, in fact, tuning into some of those posts have made us rethink plans a little. WeÂll get there and in all likelihood, it will be thanks in large part to other knowledgeable or kindred contributors of this forum. It may be that forums themselves develop and have a lifespan  that is, as others members continue to pursue similar aspirations and like us, slowly achieve Âfarmdom in its many forms, we learn from each other and become our own community  which happens to have the name "farm life".

    - 2 cents worth

    LF & RJ

  • jillylam
    16 years ago

    Hi all. I am a farmer wannabe and just started with chickens last year. I really want a fully operational farm as soon as I can manage it. When I was first doing research online about chickens this forum came up high on the list of search results. That is why I joined and eventually posted some questions of my own. In these last 5 months I have had more questions regarding chickens and I have been spending most of my time on the Backyard Chickens forum. Someone on this forum posted a link for BYC and it's been very helpful to me. I always felt that I might annoy people here with only chicken-related questions and also questions that I'm sure have been answered so many times before (not that anyone ever responded in an annoyed fashion - just that the forum is titled 'Farm Life'). I enjoy reading about others' farm animal experiences since I'm considering what to add on next to my minifarm. I only have 5 acres now so it has to stay small. But in the meantime I am absorbing the info for future use. I'm also thankful for this forum because if I hadn't found it via my chicken searches I wouldn't have found all this great info and the other helpful forums here on Garden Web. Now, for my next chicken question ....... just kidding!

  • snycal
    16 years ago

    It seems like forever since I joined this group.

    I started renting a one room house with container gardening, saved up enough money to finally buy a fixer upper 5 acre lot.

    Don't change the name, we all change and evolve...

    I hope (don't flinch) to eventually sell meat goats. Only because the lot is small and I want to be a small farmer. I WON'T tell you I'm already selling meat chickens to my friends and coworkers. I have about 40 eggs in the bator and I'm trying to figure out who's orders to fill for meat.

    Of course I already have my packgoat and my pet goats for entertainment and brush clearing.

    I've been pricing some heavy back hoes and more fencing oh boy, no one wants to hear about that!

  • lfrj
    16 years ago

    Addendum - HEy Rox, please don't shrink away. I personally would hate to see you go...!

    Sometimes I find it very helpful when members simply toss out a statement regarding an animal or management technique that sparks conversation. Not a question, per se, - but a tid bit of research or comment about something that works for them. May I politely and most sincerely suggest posting thread starters we can throw down on? I've learned a lot from these, (even though we have only poultry at this time). Like Syncal, we're growing and sometimes we don't know - what we don't know. There's a lot of ground to cover. I'm very interested in knowing more about growing/storing feed, pasture cultivation, fencing, small barn design, predators, the list goes on.

    I find that those with experience in areas other than poultry is also very valuable - and those threads get read plenty!

  • fancifowl
    16 years ago

    All of the forums do go thru changes. I have participated in a puoltry forum for several years9Classroom @ The coop) which at one time was geared mostly to those more advanced in poultry keeping/breeding, then its popularity began to soar and many beginners and kids were joining and that eventually drove the more advanced folks out, it is now settled into a mix of advanced and kids/beginners with a group who mostly get along. I came here because I liked the idea of more than one topic and thought I might have something to offer when I read a lot of posts which were incorrect in regards to poultry breeding/ breeds, et cetera. I steer clear of most equine threads, after breeding and keeping horses for only 50 years I fine I dont know a lot compared to the ones who have been at it for 4-5 years!

  • Miss_Kitty
    16 years ago

    I have been posting here, on and off since sometime in 1998. I started out in Cottage Gardens, but found that I was more comfortable here, as I had horses. I've learned a great deal about many things, was here before, during and after the "great exodus."

    When I started reading posts here, we lived in a mobile home park, and were saving every penny. Two years ago we found and purchase our 5 acre Croft. It was the postings here that got our farmlet it's name, posters unknowingly talked me into getting ducks, then chickens. I posted my 4 legged duck pictures here.

    What I miss, and have tried to restart was the Journals and the Open Questions. I miss hearing what everyone else is doing. I feel that I have gotten to know a great many people just because they have been willing to share parts of their lives besides the immediate questions.

    I miss the "real" farmers, welcome the "chicken people" and wish I could connect more with the "horse people" (yes, some of them were pretty combative) I read your posts lucky_p, and fancifowl.

    What I am getting from several posts here is that the feeling of community has been lost. Did I get that right Rox and Patrick? It's not the posts but the sense of connection with the poster that made this forum so special "back in the day."

    The heaviest responses were always open questions that allowed for a great deal of input, without requiring debate.

    We could test this theory by opening up a nice easy question like "What's up this spring?" HOw about it, any takers????


  • sullicorbitt
    16 years ago

    Go for it Kitty :)

    I think there are a lot more folks here lurking, maybe it will encourage more posts and connecting, good idea.


  • cindee11461
    16 years ago

    I am usually on the garden junk forum but I pop in here every now and then when I have a question and geez its about chickens usually. I have raised every animal though from horses, cows, deer, goats, sheep, pigs, turkeys, ducks , geese and of course those oldies but goodies chickens. I call them "my girls"(-: I love farm life(-:

  • patrick_nh
    16 years ago

    Yes, Kitty, try it out. Sounds like a good idea.

    I don't know about the sense of community. That's not what I'm here for. If it develops again, that would be a very nice thing, but I'm here to learn and to help others if I can. I work in an environment where, if you want change or have a complaint, you had better be ready with suggestions on how to improve, and the willingness to work toward that goal. We all agreed that Rox's impression of how the forum has changed is not inaccurate. When he or she continued on restating what had been said, without offering to help it change, my suggestion to either "put up or shut up" apparently was taken, and Rox chose the latter. So we'll never know if he or she had anything good to contribute to the community, other than ideas of how it is broken. I don't want anyone to leave, but if they won't contribute, or are too overly sensitive to defend their arguments when they receive an opposing opinion, why would they stay?

    As I said, I'm here to learn and to help others, not to waste time incessantly rehashing the finer points and problems of the forum itself, especially when suggestions for improvement are not acted upon. As such, this will be the last of my input on this thread, unless it evolves back into something to do with actual farming.

  • KellyFG
    16 years ago

    well I like this forum just as it is, it would be great if it were busier though.
    I'm "farming" on a tiny 1/4 acre, so my livestock is limited to chickens. I do grow a good bit of food, but there are seperate forums here specific to that.
    I do enjoy reading about other animals & I really like when people start the "monthly journal" posts. It helps me visualize what life will be like when we get our acerage. I post on Homesteading today & several chicken boards as well.
    I like to visit a variety of forums.
    If I had more farm topics to discuss I'd post them but for now its mostly chickens for me.

  • swvirginia
    16 years ago


    You are most welcome! ;)

  • instar8
    16 years ago

    I WISH i was a good enough business woman and farmer to be able to make a living off the land...but i'm not. Plus I'm no spring heifer anymore.

    I'd love to have dairy goats, a couple horses, a beef calf or two, but it just doesn't work with my schedule, and i already know i ain't a homesteader, deprivation makes me anxious, i need a good, reliable income.

    So I have a big garden, some bees, gonna get some some point, maybe if I'm semi-retired I'll do the goat thing, I could actually make some money on meat goats with the burgeoning Hispanic/Latino and African-African populations around here who like 'chevon'.

    But today, it's just an escape from the secretions, excretions, bodily fluids, suffering, frustrations and overwork of being a nurse.

    So i like to read about other livestock, but i'll still be one of the chicken-people.

    I know there has always been a movement here for a poultry forum, but maybe the better title is 'Hobby Farm'...

  • pamghatten
    16 years ago

    I used to visit this forum often, and post occasionally. I have had my 20 acre farmette for 10 years now and learned lots from some of the people that used to be active here.

    I rarely visit this forum these days, as I'm not interested in poultry, and I don't have any questions to ask about other things.

    When I do have a question, I'll come and ask.

    And there are obviously still combative people in this group. ;>)

  • countrybob
    16 years ago

    Hi to all on this site. Im new to this site and i enjoy the country life or farm life. Even though i only have a 1/2 acre in the country. I have 24 chickens, 2 new rabbits, 2 bobwhites, 5 dogs. i have 200 feet of grapes, 120 feet of blackberries, 3 peach trees, 1 plum tree, 4 pecan trees, and quite a large garden 5000 sq. feet. I repair everything on my mini farm. My main job is A/C Heating and Appliance repair, plumbing and electrical. Im a Farrier and Blacksmith. I do all my own small engine repairs. I enjoy self sufficient living.I enjoy canning and making jellies and freezing garden vegetables. I enjoy cowboy cooking on the pit with dutch ovens and cooking on my outside wood burning cook stove. Im always looking to learn more. I hope to learn new knowledge from this site and to be a help to anyone i can. So instead of changing the name of the site. Lets just change the topics discussed to include everything concerning life in the country. Anyone out there have knowledge of windmill pumps. My sisters quit pumping. I think the check valves might need packing. I would appreciate any information yall can offer. Thanks

  • veg_grower964
    16 years ago

    I like this forum and use to raise chickens and guinnas'then went on to raise goats and cattle.what i dont' like is when someone cut's down somebody's breed of animal'that is stooping pretty low in my apinion.most of the time them kind are here for one reason to start trouble not help you like they claim.


  • beagler1776
    16 years ago

    Hi all,

    Just had to come out of lurking mode to let you know how much I appreciate EVERYBODY'S postings on this forum. We have a large farm and only a horse breeding & training background (25 years), but are interested in learning much more about goats, rabbits, cows and, of course, chickens! We hope to someday acquire all of the aforementioned, live more n more off this wonderful property, and share it with kids from the inner city... We've owned it for nearly 3 years but it had been left to fall down as the previous owners only bought it to develop, then abandoned it when they couldn't obtain zoning... We put it in ag preservation. So far we've overhauled the 150+ yo house n bank barn, made a few 2 legged kids (3 yo DD & 8 month DS) and started making hay, meat rabbits and a garden. I look forward to learning a lot from all of you ~ please keep checking in for new farm questions (as my slow dial-up & busy kids allow)! Patrick~ don't hold back, I really enjoy your straightforward and experienced answers and am eager to put your ideas into practice.

    Thanks to all for sharing your time, wit n wisdom!

  • mokevinb
    16 years ago

    Countrybob, now if you had only signed saying you were "Countrybobbi" I would have responded with, "Please submit picture if you're over 40, single and looking for a partner. Please make sure picture is clear of your dog and pick up truck!"

    Enough joking aside, try Lohman's or Cumberland Country Store. (Another possible supply source is W.W. Grainger.) They used to carry the "leathers" needed to replace the old ones that are worn out in your sister's windmill pump. The other possiblities are loss of prime due to a worn out foot valve. Either way you will have to pull the sucker rod, and maybe the pipe and foot valve. Lots of work, you will probably want to call a pump repair service to come with thier truck and use it's derrick and winch. It is a lot easier than setting one up on your own.

  • countrybob
    16 years ago

    have the truck and dog pictures and over 40 and single but dont have the i in my name lol. its only a 40 ft deep well so wont be to hard to pull up with chain block and tackle. I have a graingers close so i will check with them for parts. thanks for the advise.

  • mokevinb
    16 years ago

    Unfortunately most of our wells run around 100 or more feet deep. Lose the grip on your pipe when you are half way up, and you've got a real problem! (Especially when it is a bored one.) At least we aren't as deep as they are in other locations.

    I think maybe Hobby Farm or Small Farm as a title would be appropriate, but why change now? I think as many people as possible should be encouraged to contribute in this Forum. There are so many people with so many neat ideas, and those who need information and guidance that this forum is almost like the old coffee shop where everyone used to go and hang out after the chores were done. Down side is we don't seem to have the folks farming a few hundred acres or handling a large number of animals, but with input from those who have, the rest of us will be benefited.

  • countrybob
    16 years ago

    i agree with you, this should be like the old coffee shop where you can just come in and jump in on the conversation , and to get or give advice. it seems like to many people have neighbors that they dont know and dont want to get to know. Not like the good ole days where neighbors took care of each other. but maybe we can have that here on this site. Hey Moke what state are you in. Im in North texas. I would love it if everybody else would jump in here and lets make some friends. You can never have to many friends. grap a cup of coffee and jump in here. anymore texans out there?

  • roxann3576
    16 years ago

    Texan here - sometimes posted under chickadee_42us.
    This may appear as highjacking this post to another topic -
    As interesting as the topics can be and as mundane as the topics can be there will always be someone who believes their viewpoint is the best and will strongly address someone elses viewpoint.
    While typing a reply, the sound that is relayed upon another persons reading it may not have been the intention it was meant to give; while the reader of the response can become defensive to they reply.
    Now having said that, some people are plain rude, argumentative and as my dad always said, You can't argue with ignorant people.
    As for the forum, yes, it was a nice place to read the journals and the people who kept the forum going were fastidious in KEEPING THE JOURNAL GOING. It seems like more people are currently lurking than posting, maybe because they fear starting a topic that might not be everyones cup of tea for conversation or they have been burnt by someones sarcastic reply.
    If I remember correctly the topics were more various but the same topics were covered, spring time did bring more Chicken topics - so what? That appears to be when the hatcheries are selling there chicks!

    My advice, IF YOU HAVEN'T ANYTHING POSITIVE TO SAY, keep your fingers from typing a reply because know one wants to read derogatory comments or the repetitive defense. If you have contructive information then please reply.

    my two cents,

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