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Valentines Day seed Swap

11 years ago

Valentines Day Seed Swap Sign-up.

Everyone is welcome to join in on this Seed Swap.

This Seed Swap is for:

*cut flower plant seeds- Flowers that can be used as cut flowers.

*Hanging Bascket/Flower pot plant seeds- Flower/plant seeds that can be planted in Hanging baskets and Flower pots

*Veg/Fruit Container plant seeds- any veg. or Fruits plant seeds that can be planted in Containers.

Greenly plant seeds- Greenly plant that can be grown in Containers.

1. Make sure you mark what the seeds are and info about the seeds on each packet. Please include enough seeds for that person to try out.

2. Please no more then 5 packets of one kind.

3. Swap limit is 100 seed packets. Any Extra Seeds will be freebies. You will get the same number of seeds back or more.

4. Make sure you include a list of seeds that you sent in.

5. Please include an address Label with your address on it. So that I can use to mail your envelope back out to you.

6. Please include enough postage to have it mailed back to you.

7. Your seeds for the swaps is to be mailed to me by

Feb. 14. I will mail the envelopes back out with the new seeds soon after.

If you have any ?s please let me know.

Mailing address to send your Envelope to

Jennifer Shipway

Valentines Day Seed Swap

67 Monte Vista Road

Oakland, MD 21550.

I will let you know when I received your seed Envelope.

Let the Sign-up Begin.