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Should I log or prune to let in sunlight?

14 years ago

I've been lucky enough to make my home on the land I grew up on. I love the douglas tree forest, the fruit trees, nut trees, and my father's garden. I worked very hard to make the garden what it used to be when I was a child, but it's not doing very well at all. (Well, the herbs and berries are THRIVING big time, but the vegetables are so wimpy.) My father told me before he passed away, that if I wanted the garden to have a lot of produce, then I'd have to be willing to log the douglas firs that surround it. Those trees used to be much smaller when I was a kid, and now they're so tall, very little sunlight enters the garden. (Living in Western WA, we have very little sunlight to begin with.) We used to have so many peas, beans, corn, etc ... I want it to be like that again.

Recently, I got another idea from my mother in law's husband. He said don't log the trees, just prune the branches.

I really like this idea, because I love the forest even more than I love the garden.

... but will pruning be enough? These are REALLY tall douglas firs ... can a person even hire someone to prune douglas firs? I'd do it myself, but these trees are sky-scrapers.

Should I log or prune?

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