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Help! Al's Gritty Mix: crushed granite alternative?

Ruby Chang
12 years ago

I am highly suspecting the presence of a root rot agent (fungi maybe?)in my MG soil. As a beginner gardener, I have been reluctant to make my own potting mix because I am afraid of messing up the proportion/pH of DIY potting mix. But, after the death of another gardenia (which is previously doing wonderfully, until transplant into this awful soil, this happened twice already), I am bound determined to try out Al's Gritty Mix. I am very excited, since it seems perfect! Great drainage, durable, and fungal-gnats discouraging.

However, I am having the hardest time finding Gran-I-Grit, chicken grit, cherrystone #2 online (I am currently a college student, and does not drive yet, so it would be very difficult to go out and find things).

Is there possible alternatives to crushed granite? (gravel, aquarium rocks/pebbles, lava rocks)

Thank you so much for any input and help! I greatly appreciate it.


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