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modified Al's Gritty Mix and 5.1.1 mix

13 years ago

I live in Brooklyn NY. It is hard to find crushed granite and fine bark.

I found pine bark nuggets at HD on Hamilton ave, but the chips are too large and the food processor can not make them finer.

I found Napa Floor Dry Diatomite part XXX 8822 (They also have Oil-Dri that seems similar and on the package it says it can be used in potted plants, but I wonder what is the difference).

So could I use Diatomite + Miracle-Gro Orchid mix (that is somehow some bark mixed with peat) more or less 1:1 or more diatomite? Would it be too water retentive without the grit?

Also what about if I mixed it with some coconut chips and / or coconut coir?

Would that work OK? I read a lot of posts, I can't travel hours to get all the ingredients in Long Island or Jersey.

I can find gravel for aquariums but it is kind of expensive and looks glazed. At Home depot the gravel is really chunky.



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