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Chicken Coop Garden

15 years ago

Ok guys Im really excited about this one!

Im building a chicken coop in the very near future. Like..Next weekend :) :) :) :) (EXCITING!)

This is the design Im following:

The really only changes Im going to make is the house is going to be on the left and there will be no window. Im also not sure of what color to paint yet so any ideas would be nice! (my house is white with black shutters but really dont want a white cause it would get really dirty fast!)

I want to build a nice small medium or large garden around it and have a path way leading out to it. The area gets shade in the morning and full sun in the after noon. Today Ill take pictures of the sun phases.

These are some of the seeds/bulbs I have left over from last year (please tell me if they will not be any good):



Zinnia (purple, pink, and white but would like to try another color sceme)

Lupin (mixed colors)

Hollyhock (summer carnival colors)

Sunflower (Mammoth..about 100 seeds)

Columbine (mixed colors)

Foxglove (that I really dont know how to start with seeds cause they are SO SMALL)

English Daisy

What I have that I can move easily from around the house:




Elephant Ear

Confederate Jasmine (still in a pot)

What I can get through propagation:

Hydrangea (blue)

Angel Tumpet (yellow blooms)

Next weekend Im going to a lady whos selling crepe myrtles for cheap. Im not sure which color I should get or if I should even stick any back there..IDEAS! I dont really like the magenta color (dark pink) so if we could leave those out! lol Im also not really one that is into the wildflower look..

Now I cant afford to go out and buy alot of things. Im a 20 year old stay at home mom of 2 soo that give you an idea of my budget! lol

Any tips will help me greatly as I am pretty new to gardening!


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