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Need help about subpar landscaping job

12 years ago

I hope someone can help me! Im so upset. I am a complete novice about landscaping.

I live in Charleston, SC and I just had a smallish job done this week. One that I save up money for 2 yrs. to do and still could not really afford. Probably should have done it myeself but as a single mom, I done have the time.

The landscaper was highly recommended by a very high end nursery nearby. She made a proposal which I liked but needed adjustments. I didnt get other proposals which is my fault but I trusted that this nursery wouldnt recommend anyone but the best.

There have been many problems and I dont know what to do.

She was to put in a drip line with 2 timers and install plants in 2 small beds in the front of the house and a narrow bed in the back of the house. The final invoice included the following:

5 Loropetalum 3 gallon at $30 each

9 Double Knockout Roses 3 gallon at $25 each

13 Breeze Grass 3 gallon at $18 each

14 Bulbine 1 gallon at $12 each

2 Confederate Jasmine at $35 each

Drip line irrigation for $110

2 timers for $50 each

Labor $325

sales tax $100

There were 3 people and they were here maybe 3 or 4 hrs. but Im not sure as I had to leave to work and could not stay for the entire job.

When I returned later in the day, I was very underwhelmed. I found the rose bushes were very small with no blooms and had cut stems. The plant arrangement was different from the plan she proposed with 1 bed being almost entirely breeze grass. I wanted color! She had also divided and moved my mexican petunias into another bed that had no irrigation that was not part of the job. She didnt check with me on that.

After carefully examining the invoice it seemed quite high for what I got. I asked her about it and she said she has to charge extra per plant to make money cause she is lower on her labor and she has to pay retail herself for the plants. I didnt understand why that would be. I also asked her why the roses were so small and no blooms for 3 gallon when everything is blooming now even at Lowes!. She said they had just been cut back which happens in spring. I tried to be understanding but it didnt sit well with me. Especially since she charged what seemed like a premium price. Only a third of the bulbines were blooming and the others were just a clump of green leaves.

She didnt tell me I had to water and in fact said irrigation was fine.

The next morning I came out and everything looked wilted. I noticed brown crispy leaves on the roses. I checked the drip line and saw it didnt even come near 3 plants at all. I contacted her immed. to tell her and ask her to check the roses and the drip line. I am totally uneducated about this stuff and was trying to figure it out on the spot. She later said she came by and that they looked fine. But I may need to hand water the plants for about a week.

I rechecked the line and saw the first emitter didnt come out till about 15 inches past the first 2 plants and missed another. along one side it was pulled way away from the plant bases. I called her and she came out and put additional tubing on the line. She also said the roses were just "stressed" and would look great in a month!

The front beds are now totally uneven with deep holesand undulations and I almost tripped in one today. I dont see where the soil was ammended at all except a few plants look like a handful of soil was thrown in the spot they were planted. Several of the plants are so shallow that a few have tilted over with the roots exposed. This cant be right! I expected the beds would have added compost or soil and be leveled prior to planting and that each plant would be planted into the soil not sitting practically on top. Isnt this reasonable to expect by a professional?

The larger preexisting bushes that were transplanted to the side of the house are sitting down in crater like holes and look like they were thrown in with no care into the sandy soil.

2 Loropetalum bushes were planted against the house under a window in a bed that is no wider than 2 1/2 feet. This seems inappropriate-wont they quickly outgrow this area?

The cherry on top is that the 6 rose bushes in the back clearly have black spot which has been visually confirmed by a horticulturist.

I dont know what to do but I feel ripped off. Any advice would be welcome.

BTW I paid in cash and was not given a receipt :(


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