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Raised flower bed and drainage issues...

14 years ago

I purchased a 108 year old house in November of 2007. This spring we had 5" of rain in less than two days and my basement flooded. A down spout was missing and the property has a negative slope at the foundation. I have 3 skids of concrete wall block available to build a low flower bed. I have attached some pictures to help you understand my plan. Maybe fixing the down spour fixed the problem but I'd like some insurance so I want to move more water away from the foundation.

The problem area is to the right of the stairs. It has a very slight negative slope within 3 feet of the foundation. After 3 feet the landscape slopes to the road and is carried away. I am thinking about building a raised bed 8"-16" tall. I saw where one person placed plastic sheeting at the base of a foundation and behind the wall and then added 12" of soil on top for planting. Other people choose to install a drain system behind the wall. How do I decide which way to go?

This is view from the stairs to end of the family room on the side of the house. The landscape slopes to my gravel driveway.

This pictures shows the beginning of the familty room (converted porch) and the main problem. The water pools here and saturates the foundation block walls. Would it help to dig down a few inches and waterproof the brick and block wall? The raised bed will extend from the step to the end of family room.

This view is from the steps to the edge of the family room. At the end of the wall I can direct the water away from the property.

Once it turns the corner it pools on the concrete and saturates the foundation at the side of the house. When I pour a new patio that will correct the problems on the side of the house. So what should I do to fix what I hope is a minor drainage problem?

Thank in advance for your input.


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