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Container Spruce in gritty or basic mix? (Al's)

14 years ago

I have a Spruce in a large concrete planter that I keep outside year round. It has done well for me as I water well before winter hits, water occasionally during winter months on warmer days, and give a nice dose of fertilizer in spring and throughout the growing season. I also wrap in burlap for the winter. I am aware of the disadvantages of keeping in a container, but since it has done well for me I will continue to do so.

With that said, I'm thinking of changing out the soil this year. I believe it was regular potting soil that I used when I planted it years ago.

Not sure if I should use the gritty mix, or the basic mix. My concern is that the gritty mix won't hold enough moisture, and if I use the basic mix I was thinking of adding a little soil to the mix.

Which of these is my better option?

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