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Welcome back Al, questions about Al's mix and gritty mix

14 years ago

Welcome back, I'm glad to have members like you and JaG w/ so much experience to share.

So I've read a couple of the VII threads on container mixes and think I'm starting to get it. I finally found a source for fines and am now learning more about the gritty mix which requires more turface than fines.

So here's what I've got. Original Al's mix

5 parts pine bark fines

1 part sphagnum peat (not reed or sedge peat please)

1-2 parts perlite

garden lime (or gypsum in some cases)

controlled release fertilizer (if preferred)

micro-nutrient powder, other continued source of micro-nutrients, or fertilizer with all nutrients - including minors

Did you later start using the gritty mix and abandon the basic mix?

As I get it the gritty mix:

1:1:1 turace/fines/granite

5:1:1 turface/fines/granite

I'm a bit confused by all the different recipes

I have an improved meyers lemon and want a lime.

20 or 30 house plants, potted in miracle gro 2 years ago, repotted a few as they needed space, some could still use a repot.

I want to have about 12-15 berries ras/blu/black/maybe others in containers.

I have several sources for perlite or vermiculite in 4cu ft bags for around $20. Found one source of fines $4.59 2cu ft bag sifted I'll have to check again but it seems they stated the smaller and bigger fines were sifted out. I have sources for dolomitic lime. I've found turface in my area but am not sure of the price. There are a few gravel yards, so I'm sure I can find the granite screenings.

Thoughts and ideas are welcome and appreciated, I'm sure that one mix isn't going to sit all of my needs, but am very confused about what I need.

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