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Grass dies over septic tank

13 years ago

I have a septic tank which is buried only about 2 feet underground. The heat generated from the tank is more than the grass can stand. I dug the whole area up last year and put in some nice rich soil and planted new grass and it looked wonderful - but quickly died off and now I am back to a big ugly patch of bare dirt. It is definitely the heat from the tank that is the culprit. When you are walking the yard in bare feet you can even tell a difference. So, it is obvious nothing will grow here, but I have a thought, and maybe you could tell me if I am on the right track. I was thinking about getting some 1/2 inch plastic or copper tubing and insterting it into the ground vertically, spaced a foot or two apart. I figured this could act as a vent to allow the heat to escape, and I could then plant grass again, which will hide the pipes. Does this sound like a good plan or just a waste of time? I would hope only heat would escape and not any foul odors from the tank. I can't place any kind of landscaping feature or any kind of lawn ornament over it to hide it because it is sitting sort of in the middle of the yard. Any thoughts?

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