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Which mix for which plants (5:1:1 vs. gritty)

12 years ago

1) Is there a chart/list somewhere that says which plants go in which mix? I'm in an unusual situation in that all of my plants are grown inside as I'm in a highrise with no outdoor access. Thus, something like strawberries or tender herbs, which might normally be considered annuals are kept going indefinitely under grow lights or in windows. And I just let my indeterminate tomatoes go and go and go year round if they want to. Does that mean they all should go in the gritty mix?

2) Second, many of the herbs I keep, although I use dwarf varieties) are kept in 8" pots and pruned small because they are kept full time under grow light on a shelving unit, which limits headspace. Because they are in pots that are really smaller than they would like, they dry out quickly and I have to water every 3 days. I'd like to adjust the mix to keep them moist so that they will only need watering once a week (same schedule as all my other plants). How might I do that?

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