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Can I plant bulbs NOW?

14 years ago

I have several packages of bulbs of different varieties that I had picked up this spring, most of which I had not planted yet. I have some bulbs of surprise lilies and daffodils from Mom's house that I need to get into the ground, as well as move some irises. While I'm at it, can I put some of these still-packaged bulbs in? I've got glads and freesias, one called acidanthera (star gladiolus) of which a few are already growing. I also have some caladiums (sp?) and elephant ears growing, can they stay in or do they need to be dug up for winter. For what it's worth, I read that surprise lily bulbs need to be dug up and stored for winter for my zone, but ours survive outside every year, just in case that fact has any bearing on whether or not other bulbs would fare just as well.



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