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WANTED: various Squash and other veggies/herbs + whatever else

I just updated my list. I have mostly commercial seeds, but will be updating my list every week or so to reflect any changes. I actually have it alphabetized for your convenience. :-)

I'd love to have a stock of all kinds of veggies and fruits that I could grow and save seeds from (non-hybrids). I also could use just about anything that is not on my list for the yard. We've lived in this beautiful 2 story home for 3 years, but I really MUST beautify the yard to go with it as soon as I can...

Check out my list and email me from my page if you would like to make a trade. The more trades in one, the better, to make it more cost effective.

I will also work on my plants list as soon as I can figure out what plants I currently have... LOL... If you can't tell, I'm VERY new to gardening.... BUT, I'm already very addicted... hee hee


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