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my new bed is killing all my bulbs and perennials! why???

13 years ago

last year my husband made me a new planter, 3'x10'x10" of wood i'd used before for planters. i put down thick cardboard, wet it copiously, and filled it w/approx. 1/2 homemade compost and leaves, 1/4 sand and 1/4 very old manure from the feedlot. i planted a ton of bulbs and expensive perennials i'd splurged on. well, this spring rolled around, and only about 4 crocus and 8 tulip bulbs started, and after some 3 to 4" of growth, everything has come to a screaming halt. nothing has happened for over a month!! i finally dug up a crocus and a bulb. the bulb seems ok, but there are no roots to speak of!! someone mentioned nematodes, but i can't find any info on this. are all my expensive plants doomed??? what can i do? someone please, please help! i planted some leftover pansies and petunias a week ago, and they seem fine, but nothing else is happening, and i'm feeling sick about it....

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