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disappointing show: VE bulbs planted in November

Last fall I ordered a lot of things from the Van Engelen end of season sale. I had already planted a lot but couldn't resist when I got the email about the sale. I was skeptical about planting as late as November, but I thought, they wouldn't be selling them this late if they wouldn't survive, right? I checked here and it seemed lots of people were planting late. They arrived about Nov 18. Weather was not too cold so I got them planted right away. I ordered Tulipa Hageri Splendens (species tulip), Brodiaea, Chionodoxa, Festival Hyacinths, Narcissi White Medal, Allium Ostrowskianum, and Rubrum and Asiatic lilies (Aphrodite).

I have been anxiously waiting for some things to appear above the ground but I think I going to be disappointed. I just checked my bloom time list. The Chionodoxa and the Festival Hyacinths are great: blooming now. No sign of the Narcissus, Brodiaea, and the Hageri tulips, which SHOULD be blooming now! Am I jumping the gun? Do species tulips bloom later than this? No foliage, of course. And I planted so many of the darn things! About 400 bulbs. In the dark and rain, no less. I don't expect the lilies or the alliums to show yet: I hope they won't be a disappointment too.

Is Van Engelen good at providing replacements? How long should I wait for the other things to show up before contacting them?

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