lilly pilly in trouble?

DoonaAugust 9, 2008

We have a lilly pilly with borer holes and a fungal infection on its bark. Where the borers have been and the bark is peeling away there looks like scar tissue developing, so hopefully there isn't a problem there, but on one side of the tree there is a huge area of white fungus. The tree is about ten or twelve years old and looks healthy enough with lots of young growth. The trunk is always in complete shade. Other syzygiums near by don't have the infection, nor does the neighbouring macadamia. Does anyone know how to treat the problem? We don't want to take the tree out as it gives privacy from my neighbours' upstairs window. It is also home to a nesting dove.


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Hi Donna,

Hard to tell which pathogen is the basis of the fungal infection. However, you can try a couple of things.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the plant is not wallowing in a wet root zone. Sometimes drainage in gardens can be affected over time and surface as obscure plant health issues. Should you be satisfied with the drainage I would recommend you do the following:

1. Apply a solution of Seasol as directed on the bottle immediately.
2. Remove or clean away any dead or obviously diseased bark from the plant. Paint that area with a paste of Copper Oxychloride. This may assist if any bacterial infection is present.
3. Go out and buy some Yates Anti Rot Phosacid. Spray over the foliage and apply to root area as well . This is a broad range systemic fungicide which usually provides excellent pathogen defence.
4. When the weather warms up a little apply small amount of organic fertilzer such as organic life or better still some cow manure.

Finally, cross your fingers and see how you go.


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I also have a Lilly Pilly which I fear I have lost. All the leaves are yellowing and a few are already brown and dried up. The mud from the borers is very visible and I am hoping that if I cut it to about a metre above the ground is there a chance that I could save it? There is Lilly Pillys either side of it and they look very healthy. If I lose it there goes my beautiful view from my bedroom whilst drinking my morning coffee

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