Care for my outdoor Norfolk Pine

Marmion2013January 23, 2014

Been in our home a year now where we've inherited a gorgeous 50ft Norfolk Pine in the front yard. It appears healthy and strong but as an amateur I'd like to know if there are any recommendations re: watering etc. The state is now under drought conditions/regulations. Particularly dry years have me concerned that I may need to address the taller trees in the yard as well. Do they (Norfolks) achieve deep enough roots by the time they are this height? Any info from down under would be appreciated. Cheers.

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Well, I'm only guessing, but there's a long row of them growing at Manly in Sydney (NSW) by the beach and except for a few years ago when many were suffering from the effects of wind born pollution - from memory I think it was soap suds from a sewage outlet which apparently broke down their resistance to salt sea-spray. Other than that they've thrived despite pavement and millions of tourists feet over the years compressing the ground around them. They are around 100 years or more old and (conservatively) would be touching 80 to 100 feet or more. I would think all you have to be concerned about is weather - in the US they may not be accustomed to severe winters. If they appear to be growing ok, (and you have the space) just let 'em keep on keeping on. 'Google Earth', by the way, should highlight the Manly ones for you.

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Many thanks for the input! I've done a little more homework and you're in the majority opinion that they are stalwart...except when man-made pollution is a factor. Ah, I love Sydney!

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Yeah, best city in Aus, for all it's faults! Might end up back there myself one day. Good luck with the pines.


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