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Help with a Norfolk pine

9 years ago

So my mom gave me this Norfolk Island pine after the holidays. She didn't want it and was just going to toss it and of course I couldn't let that happen. So I added it to my small (just getting started) house plant assortment. I really love this beautiful plant and want to make sure I do everything I can to care for it properly so it has the best chance to grow healthy and stay around for a long time.
I've done some research and I do the best I can to meet its needs. It get partial non direct sun at least 2-3 hours out of the day, mostly morning sun light. I have it on a water routine watering every 5-7 days, depending on how dry the soil gets. I also mist with cool water every other day to every 2 days.
But I guess my main question is it's pot. It has room to drain and I empty any excesse water out after it's weekly watering. But I was wondering about repotting. I know to not over pot and to use a pot with good drainage and about 2 inches larger. But I've also read they're not so fond of being transferred and you should try to repot in the spring. I was wondering if this small pot will do until spring or if it would be okay to go ahead and repot now. And also if everything else Im doing to care for this guy sounds like a good routine.
Thanks so much for any help..
-A newbie house planter

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