Day Lilly seed pods?

Big_Daddy_RatAugust 20, 2003

I have Day Lillies which produce, what looks like a seed pod with 4-6 black seed in each. I've tried planting these seeds, over the years, but can't get them to grow. Is there a certain method to get the seeds to grow? Will these seeds grow at all.

So far I've had little success.

Any comments/suggestions are welcome.



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Hi Len. You will have the best success if you chill the seeds for about 6 weeks before sowing.

There are various ways of germinating the seeds, from soaking in a 4 per cent solution of peroxide through to direct-sowing. By far the easiest that I have found is to place the seeds into a ziplock bag with barely damp peatmoss, and place on top of the fridge. I had some beginning to germinate within a couple of days, and by about 3 weeks nearly all had germinated, but your climate might extend this time.

Once the seeds have germinated, simply transfer them to seedling trays or small pots, taking care not to damage the tiny roots.


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I don't know if the ones I got were prechilled or not, Pam, but I just planted them in trays into peat as that was all I had at the time, put them into half sun under cover, and I have a 50% germination rate so far. There is still time for more to germinate. After germination I put them into small pots to grow on. Maybe the seed was not fertile. I know of someone else who did not have much luck. The seed company says the same as Pam, to keep them in damp sand for 6 weeks. I have trid that with limited success.

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Annabel, I don't know how long you've had them sown, but those that have refused to germinate, if you try the above peat moss and ziplock bag method, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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Now I know why I found the new packet of ziplock bags when I started sorting stuff out!!! I have other stuff in bags so will do it with these and the one box can take all the bags. Should be moving in about 3 weeks. It's the ones that are growing into healthy plants that will take up the room!!

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Thanks for the great info. I thought about freezing them a bit, although I didn't go 6 weeks. I try your suggestions.

Let freedom ring!

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Len, I don't know about freezing them - a bit too cold maybe.

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Go with Liatris's suggestion any that don't germinate in a few days/weeks don't discard. Pot them up and keep damp. I've just had about 8 come up after 6 months sleeping :o)
mrs B

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You slept that long?

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Well, good news folks! I put a sample of seeds into a zip-lock plastic bag along with some very wet cotton balls. I then, as suggested lay them atop the refrigerator and checked them every week or so.
After approximately 6 weeks, the first few of the seeds has sprouted and look pretty good. We'll still have 60-70 degree weather here so I'm planning on taking them directly outside next week and see what happens. I don't have a place for them to grow inside over the winter and figure a few weeks of growth in the actual enviornment may serve them well. If not I hve more seeds to start in the spring now that I now they'll sprout.

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I planted six black, flat seeds in a pot of regular soil mixed with some Florida sand and left the pot in the shade outside for about three weeks before anything happened. Four out of six sprouted. Sometimes simple is better.

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Oh thank goodness I found this thread I have a quite a few day lillies and was getting impatient with the slow spread/propagation of them THANKS ALL

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Can I take the pods from my existing day lillies and do the same or can I just plant the entire pod and see them come up next year?

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