Dwarf orange tree losing its leaves

ace2August 10, 2014

My poor transplanted orange tree is losing it's leaves.
I got this 7 year old tree back in the 10 July after saving it.
I was feeding it seaweed solution every 1-2 weeks.
I did noticed some leaves had yellowish veins, so i gave it some iron chelates and traces elements and a spray of Yates Success Naturalyte Insect Control with the rest of the fruit trees
This week it's started to lose it's leaves..

Will it survive????

What else can i do???

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Ace, where are you?

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Doesn't sound promising, in fact you might have over done it - it is winter time and they (citrus), like most plants, are dormant. To my mind, two things you could do before the sap begins to rise: leave it and do nothing further other than letting it almost completely dry out, or remove it, prune it by a third and replant it in another spot. If you do this do no more than just water it in until new growth appears in spring. What you've done in good faith, I suspect, might be killing it with kindness.

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I'm in Adelaide.
I thought I would try help it with the transplant shock.
As its in a wine barrel, moving it is not a option.
Before I got it, it had split its pot and the roots were exposed, I only paid $10.

I hope it survives. I think I'll do the first option, nothing and cross my fingers!!!

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