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oldnodJuly 19, 2014

I have the first batch of Flannel Flower about to burst into bloom and they are a long way from their home territory. I am in SE Qld

To make sure the flower heads are pollinated as I want to harvest the seeds I thought I might do this manually. Does anyone know what technique I should use ?

Probably have only 4 or 5 mature flowers at any one time so have to be sure of what I am doing.


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Nod, I can't really "google up" anything of use, other than that they are pollinated by insects - (what a surprise).
If you want to search a bit yourself the botanical name is Actinotus helianthi. I grew up in Sydney on the south side where they were then common enough in the sandy bush around our area, congrats on trying them up here.
I should just use a soft paintbrush (kids art brush style) to try to move pollen from one flower to another, both mornings and afternoons, just tickle round and see what happens.
I do read though that propagation from seed is a bit sporadic though cuttings sometimes work and now they are tissue culturing it (there, you may have a purpose to go further with that).
Since they are being trialed for the cut-flower industry most of writings seem to be slanted that way - I found an article by the australian government on commercial propagation but can't seem to post the link.

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Thanks Alison, I will search further myself. I tried cuttings. Probably didn't try too hard but found I was successful with seeds.

The plants have to be 3 years now and soon to flower. I intend posting photographs and reporting on the process of getting them to that stage for anyone who might be inclined.

Probably a week or two.


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Nice to see you've had some success with them, Nod. I haven't tried them where I am (NSW Northern Rivers).

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