dwarf orange tree been moved, best chance of survival??

ace2July 12, 2014

I purchased a dwarf nectarine tree and was offered a dwarf orange tree that had split it's wine barrel and was sitting in another pot with some roots exposed.
Its about 7years old and looks very healthy, anyway I got it for $10(gave them the sob story saying it most likely won't survive the upheaval)
So I've put it into a bigger wine barrel with fresh veggie soil mixed with premium potting mix with a little chicken manure pellets and some blood and bone.

So what else can I do to help this tree to survive????

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I would say you have done the best you can.

If more of the roots were exposed during the transfer then you may like to prune it a little to take the stress off the root system. If you still get die-back then prune it a little more.

Remember this is a slow time of the year for growth so be patient.


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